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Work Faster Better Smarter

Data drives the entire healthcare spectrum. It provides a greater understanding of conditions. It guides best practices.
It elevates care while, at the same time, minimizing the resources necessary to do so.
And at Fivos, data is our specialty—allowing patients to be yours.

From maximizing value-based care and other revenue opportunities to improving patient experience and outcomes, we understand just how critical data is to your success. That’s why our solutions are designed to help healthcare professionals—providers, medical societies, and device manufacturers— work faster, better, and smarter by powering and accelerating information capture, insight generation, and the action required to realize results.

Make your IT investments count.

Eighty percent of healthcare executives expect to invest more in data analytics, AI, and similar tools in the coming years. Fivos will make your investments worthwhile.

Healthcare Providers

Capture Information with Our Workflow Solution

At a time when staff resources are at a premium, you’ll be able to recoup time spent on dictation and reporting activities. A leader in specialty diagnostic reporting, Fivos uses structured data, coupled with visual interactive tools, to simplify studies and procedures documentation—reducing the need for traditional data entry and dictation. This single, secure, responsive platform includes:

  • Comprehensive report library
  • Analytics/data mining
  • Multimedia reporting

Medical Societies

Generate Insights with Our Registry Solution

The pandemic has changed the role of societies and the models they use to generate revenue. Add value to your society—and recruit and retain members—by providing access to data that is not available elsewhere. At Fivos, we guide you in the development of clinical registries to support value-based care and quality improvement initiatives for optimal patient outcomes. This entails building registries from the ground up, then providing the necessary functions to keep them thriving.

  • Completely customized
  • Full-service support
  • Real-time insights including long-term follow-up data

Medical Device Manufacturers

Take Action with Our Data Services Solution

To accelerate device development and approval, pharma and device companies are projected to invest more in data in the coming years than ever before. While registry data alone is valuable, securing a partner that can support your organization in ensuring you get the most from that investment is even more transformative. At Fivos, we draw upon a wealth of registry data to drive individualized data projects and provide critical real world evidence to customers. Our data services are designed to support custom data needs with the ultimate goal of helping you save time, money, and other valuable resources.

  • Real-world performance data
  • Regulatory response guidance
  • Post-market surveillance support
Unlock the power of quality data for your healthcare organization.