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Actionable insights that improve quality and care

Data can be overwhelming, intimidating, and cumbersome to interpret, even with a business intelligence tool in place. But in order to identify opportunities for process improvement, healthcare decision makers need access to clinical and operational data, along with the ability to transform the data into the insights necessary to identify best practices, advance innovation and improve lives.

What we do

Our Products

Analytics for Providers and Health Systems

As a busy health system or specialty practice, you know that you can’t manage what you aren’t measuring. Distinguishing yourself as an efficient, profitable provider requires the ability to dig into problems and processes, gaining the insight necessary to ask questions and take action to improve operations. Our diagnostic and surgical reporting solutions capture structured data and bring together disparate data silos to support your clinical and quality reporting needs. Fivos Practice Suite, designed for OBLs and specialty practices compliments clinical analytics with the most relevant business metrics you need to maintain financial health and grow your practice.

Analytics for Medical Societies

As the registry platform for the VQI and NVQI-QOD, Fivos is committed to supporting the data reporting and analytics needs of medical societies and patient safety organizations. As part of our Pathways registry platform, our analytics solution is designed to support the unique variables specific to each registry with the agility to quickly collect additional data elements as healthcare evolves and the flexibility to download raw data when you need it. Supporting regional quality groups and special projects, we offer benchmarking capabilities along with the ability to set user defined alerts for specific clinical thresholds.

Analytics for Industry

As the FDA and EU recommend using registries to collect real-world evidence for device evaluation, Fivos is here to support the custom analytics and reporting needs of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. With access to over 850,000 procedures, we provide custom data sets that can be used from pre-market trails through post-approval surveillance and thereafter. With our existing network of hospitals and physicians, our flexible data services help accelerate industry projects driving efficiency and lowering cost along the way.

Experience the Perks of Fivos Analytics

Built on Google’s Looker platform, we empower providers, medical societies and device manufacturers with the data they need to make informed decisions. With packaging that scales to the need of your business, our capabilities range from scheduled dashboard delivery to your inbox, complete with drill down capability, to integration with your hospital wide data warehouse. 

Modern BI & Analytics

Dynamic dashboards that provide access to reliable and support better reporting. With easy drill down capability, it’s easy to identify outliers and opportunities for improvement.

Tell a Visual Story

Create easy to read reports and quickly share data-rich visualizations at anytime, from any device

Peace of Mind with a secure, cloud based platform

With cloud hosting and in-database architecture that complies with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA and more, rest assured that your data is well protected

Discover better workflow for your healthcare organization.