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Streamline Your Workflow With Cutting-Edge Vascular Reporting Software

Elevate the depth and quality of your reporting, improving physician, nurse, and technician productivity along the way.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Fivos’ customized vascular reporting software solutions streamline clinical workflows for vascular health. The impact: faster clinical decisions and better health outcomes at lower cost.

Save dictation time

Eliminate transcription and speech recognition errors

Meet reporting requirements

Our vascular reporting software uses structured DICOM reporting to provide the consistency and data integrity you expect, along with the flexible configuration options you need to support the uniqueness of your business. 

Imaging and PACS Integration

Gain the ability to integrate images into patient reports by leveraging Fivos’ 15 years of experience integrating with all PACS vendors.

Comprehensive Vascular Reports Library

Secure access to over 50 diagnostic and surgical vascular templates that maintain structured data, support IAC compliance, and accelerate implementation.

Automated Measurement Transfer

Eliminate the need for data entry, reducing errors and saving tech time, with measurements that transfer automatically from any ultrasound vendor to the report.

Multimedia Reporting

Tailor your reports to your hospital or clinic with the ability to incorporate your branding, anatomical sketches, PACS images, and trend graphs of key measurements.

Worksheet and Impression Macros

Utilize user-defined macros to eliminate typing and dictation, and create consistency across your enterprise. Single click normal macros save tech and physician time.

Analytics and Data Mining

Leverage Fivos' data warehouse to meet IAC and quality reporting requirements and report on the clinical and operational metrics that are most important to you.

A comprehensive workflow, designed specifically for vascular surgical procedures.

Our surgical workflow is designed for real-time documentation and charge capture. Using our sketch based Graphical Fusion Workflow Technology, nurses and technicians accurately and thoroughly capture the procedure details in real-time, creating an operative note that it is ready for physician review and signature at case completion.

  • Sketch-Driven Procedural Log Generation: Document procedure details throughout the case with built-in graphical annotation icons to create consistent, structured nursing logs and operative notes.
  • FDA GUDID Inventory Integration: Accurately select devices used throughout the case with real-time integration to the FDA Global Unique Device Identification database.
  • MindRay Patient Monitoring Integration: Automatically populate vital sign monitoring data into the procedure note.
  • Real-Time Coding and CPT Capture: Increase accuracy, optimize charge capture, and shorten billing cycles. As you document, CPT and charge codes are triggered and sent to your billing system.

A more complete picture for physicians—anywhere, anytime.

As the industry leader in vascular reporting software, we understand that timeliness of treatment directly impacts patient outcomes. Our physician workflow is designed to put the right information at the fingertips of the physician, leading to faster turnaround times and increased physician satisfaction.

  • Browser-Based Workflow: Securely access our web-based workflow solutions from anywhere, anytime.
  • Historical Import: Prior exams, images, and sketches are presented within the reading physician workflow to help quickly assess disease progression leading to faster, more complete interpretations.
  • Fellow and Resident Workflows: Exams for review are automatically queued to the supervising physician saving time and ensuring safe and complete oversight.
Discover better workflow for your healthcare organization.