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Accelerate device development and approval.

Leverage data from the leading vascular clinical registry.

Meet the Society for Vascular Surgery Vascular Quality Initiative

The Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) is a leading clinical registry dedicated to improving vascular care. Since its inception in 2003, the registry has dramatically impacted patient care by enabling scientific discovery and changes in practice that have saved thousands of lives. Today, SVS VQI is a renowned international resource that hundreds of centers have incorporated into their quality toolkits.

Give its wealth of procedural data, the SVS VQI is an increasingly powerful tool for evaluating device performance and medications used in vascular care. SVS VQI data can be used to assess the safety and efficacy of medical devices, and obtain real-world data to inform health economics, research and development, internal sales and marketing, and regulatory needs. Use registry data to understand device performance in specific patient populations in order to make recommendations on best patient selection, expand labeling indications to reflect safe and effective use, or design new devices better suited to certain subgroups.

A wealth of data at your fingertips

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Experience the advantages f the SVS VQI

Granular data including details of device types (patient, history, procedure, outcome, follow-up)

Ability to add customized variables and follow-up times for specific projects, at all or selected sites

One year follow-up for key outcomes

Long-term survival by Social Security Death Index

Ability to link with Medicare claims for late follow-up

Real world data: academic and community centers

Access to an existing network of hospitals and physicians already collecting much of the needed data

Streamline contracting (addendum-only) for centers that volunteer to participate

Registry housed in a Patient Safety Organization

Can include all procedures performed (consent not required)

Real-world evidence that supports regulatory decisions.

Real-world evidence (RWE) is increasingly required to meet regulatory requirements for medical devices. The FDA recommends the use of registry data for post-approval surveillance and the EU now requires RWE for most vascular devices. SVS VQI collects granular clinical and follow-up data including device identifiers, for a wide array of vascular procedures.

  • Perform internal company planning, such as that for new device development

  • Meet FDA-required post-approval surveillance (PAS) requirements

  • Expand indications for use based on off-label device usage in SVS VQI

  • Provide propensity-matched control patients for new device comparison

  • Generate contemporary objective performance goals for device categories

  • Create EU MDR reports and meet EU MDR requirements

  • Meet CMS reimbursement requirements for new devices

  • Nest pre-market trials in the registry

Droves of data for diverse device projects.

Gain access to relevant, de-identified, and aggregate data with over one million procedures captured across 14 different registries.

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